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Transitional Justice in Lesotho Context

Lesotho has experienced a turbulent past caused mainly by political instability. This can be dated back as far as 2007 after the general elections, thus the Lesotho Congress For Democracy …

While politicians think of the next election, leaders think of the next generation

Maseru - There is a clear distinction between a politician and a leader. The former is preoccupied with winning the next poll; does all to amass power and resources so …

10 Things managers should know about difficult employees

MASERU: Every work environment, just like any society or community, will always have different people who display different dispositions. There will always be difficult employees in every work environment. Difficult …

Analyst says govt inconsistent on economy

According to an economic analyst, Lesotho's current coalition government does not have consistency in what it says and what it does resulting to its failure to improve the country's economy. …

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