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Political parties without internal political education, ethos and political values

MASERU: A great deal of rot, instability and jostling for power that has ravaged Lesotho's political parties can be attributed to absence of political education programmes within political parties. Political …

Governments' lifespan cut short by snap polls, a bubble that will explode

MASERU: Democrats, political pundits and status quo lovers would invariably see nothing sinister with a trend of cutting short the lifespan of a sitting government through snap polls. This political …

Gullible political party members swayed by self-serving leaders

MASERU: In Lesotho, party members are the ones who give their parties strength during elections and make them win elections. A party that has many followers, who are transformed into …

Mantra of 'grooming successors' in African politics, reality or myth?

MASERU: The discourse of grooming successors in Africa, an idea parroted as though it was a leader's job to pick among a party's politburo who should succeed him. Is this …

Personality cults have destroyed Lesotho's politics

Maseru: From independence, Lesotho's political scene has been largely polarized by two major cults of personalities, Leabua Jonathan who represented the nationalists and Ntsu Mokhehle who came from the congress …

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